‘I lost my best friend in a police shooting’

Four years before George Floyd's death made global headlines, another man was shot dead in the same city.

Backlash in China after front-line doctor dies

A doctor's death has sparked angry conversations about the Chinese authorities' handling of the pandemic.

The man who sheltered 80 US protesters

Hundreds of people found themselves trapped by police - until Rahul Dubey flung open his doors.

Virus death risk is higher for ethnic minorities

Being black or from an ethnic minority is a "major risk factor" in coronavirus, Matt Hancock says.

French anti-racism protests defy police ban

Echoing US protests, people call for justice for Adama Traoré, who died in 2016 in police custody.

Trudeau’s epic pause when asked about Trump and protests

Asked about race, riots and the US response, the Canadian prime minister chose his words carefully.

Zuckerberg accused of setting dangerous precedent

Civil rights chiefs say they are "disappointed and stunned by Mark's incomprehensible explanations".

Archbishop attacks Trump as unrest continues

As fury over a black man's killing by police continues, religious leaders condemn Mr Trump's actions.

Spike Lee on George Floyd: ‘This is not new’

The Oscar-winner says wider injustices and inequalities contributed to the current unrest in the US.

Individual gains illegal entry to Miller Park and does minor damage...

An intruder entered Miller Park on Tuesday morning and did minor damage to the playing surface.