Six dead in Wisconsin beer company shooting

The gunman was also killed during the shooting in the mid-western state of Wisconsin.

Canada proposed as site of captive whale sanctuary

A Nova Scotia cove is the proposed site for whales released from entertainment parks to retire.

Docking gives telecoms satellite new lease of life

A shepherding spacecraft grabs an ageing telecoms satellite to help extend its mission life.

Coronavirus cases jump to 400 in Italy

The worst-affected European country reports a fresh surge, as the virus spreads fast outside China.

Coronavirus: How worried should US be?

As the virus' global spread continues, how prepared is the US?

Maria Sharapova retires: Five-time Grand Slam champion ‘says goodbye’ to tennis...

Five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova is "saying goodbye" to tennis at the age of 32.

Biden campaign plays down South Africa ‘arrest’

An official says he got separated at an airport in South Africa rather than actually being arrested.

Creator of New York City subway map dies

His re-design is credited with boosting ridership and making the map more visually representative.

‘Just call me Harry’, prince tells conference

The Queen's grandson speaks at an event in Edinburgh weeks ahead of stepping down from royal duties

High stakes debate has Sanders in the crosshairs

The televised showdown before South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries was a series of messy attacks.