Take-Two Interactive Bullying Red Dead Redemption Modder

Take-Two Interactive have decided that they don't like the work of a man bringing Red Dead Redemption to the PC.

Tesla (TSLA) Doubled Since 2017 Despite Warnings. This Time Is No...

Analysts were quick to categorize Tesla stock as “underperform” on Dec. 30. The car maker has been rated an overvalued stock since 2017.

Luka Doncic Could Learn a Thing or Two From Kobe Bryant’s...

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant surprised Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic by speaking to him in Slovenian.

President Donald Trump’s 5 Most Savage Tweets of 2019

The Commander-in-Tweet was on fire in 2019. Here's a look at President Donald Trump's most savage tweets of the past year.

Shocking Poll Results Show Trump and Obama are Equally Admired

Obama and Trump tied for most admired man in Gallup's annual poll, underscoring how divided the nation has become over the past few years.

Is Drew Lock the Quarterback John Elway Has Been Searching For?

The Denver Broncos were 4-1 with Drew Lock at quarterback this season. Does this mean that John Elway has finally found his man?

Dow Dives 183 Points as Billionaires Fear the Rise of Bernie...

The Dow Jones fell 183 points on Monday as bulls forget the trade war and focus on what could be a chaotic 2020 election cycle.

Here’s a Countdown to the Top-Five NBA Teams of the 2010s

As the end of the decade dawns, it's time to rank the top-five NBA teams of the 2010s – a list highlighted by LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Black Monday Has Already Claimed a Few Casualties. Who’s Next?

Black Monday has already claimed a few jobs among NFL head coaches and GMs. Who else can fans expect to see let go? Jason Garrett, perhaps?

Flinders University developing dementia vaccine to prevent memory loss – Daily...

The breakthrough drug is being developed by scientists including Australian Professor Nikolai Petrovsky at Flinders University as part of a US-Government backed project.