Taku Sekine: Top chef ‘takes own life’ after assault allegations

Taku Sekine is said to have fallen into depression after "false" sexual assault allegations.

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Azerbaijan president vows to fight on

President Ilham Aliyev vows to keep fighting in an upsurge of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Parisians alarmed by sonic boom by warplane

The huge noise startled Parisians after a war jet was dispatched to intercept a commercial plane.

How the world reacted to the presidential debate

"Childish", "gruelling" and an "unwatchable fever dream" - how the world saw Tuesday's debate.

First person cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, dies

Mr Brown, known as the Berlin patient, was cured after a bone marrow transplant

Williams withdraws from French Open

Three-time French Open champion Serena Williams withdraws from the 2020 event because of injury.

Who won the Trump-Biden debate?

In the political equivalent of a food fight, the winner was the man who emerged least covered in slop.

Who are Proud Boys and antifa?

A guide to the fringe movements that became a debate flash point.

Coronavirus: Belgium Covid-19 deaths surpass 10,000

The country has over 117,000 cases, and one of the worst mortality rates for Covid-19 in the world.

Canada outcry over ‘abuse’ of dying indigenous woman

A nurse is sacked after Joyce Echaquan filmed herself in hospital apparently being insulted by staff.